a new approach to relationships

You think it's about knowing what to say. What to wear. How to get that second date. How to make the other person happy. You know what? Forget what you've been told. There's an easier way.


It's awkward. It's uncomfortable. And it takes WAY too long. Shouldn't there be an easier way to get around the small talk and forced smiles? Science is finally providing some answers. I delve into the latest research on attraction, providing up-to-date answers to dating's biggest questions. Talk to me about whether you should play hard to get, or whether nice guys always end up in the Friend Zone.


To know how to make a relationship work, you've got to know what to expect. The honeymoon period will give way to the reality check. You WILL experience a power struggle. Just because the loving feelings are gone doesn't mean it's over. I challenge partners to stop trying to control the fate of the relationship and start finding their true north. As long as you keep love in your sights, you can't stray far from home.


You can't give what you don't have. That's why the best advice comes down to one thing: learning to love, accept, and respect yourself. How you feel about yourself impacts your happiness, your success in life, and your success in love. Spot self-sabotaging patterns before they beat you down. Give to yourself what no one else has ever been able to give you. Don't wait for the perfect relationship before you give yourself permission to seize joy with both hands.


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I've been writing dating and relationship advice for over a decade. In that time, I've seen trends come and go. I've met many amazing authors, coaches and leaders. One thing is for certain: the search for love will always matter.

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