For select clients, I offer energy coaching, a style of coaching that focuses on transforming you from the inside out.

What is Energy Coaching?

Most of us don’t realize what “vibes” we’re giving off.

Yet we all have a particular energetic signature. It tells people whether you’re available or preoccupied, present or distant, upbeat or down.

Our energy shifts based on our mood and what we’re experiencing at that moment, but you can learn to train yourself to send out the right vibes to attract a potential partner.

It all starts with how you’re feeling inside.

Human beings are amazing observers. For thousands of years, our safety relied on knowing instantly whether someone was a potential friend, foe, or mate. We can size someone up in a fraction of a second. We instantly know whether we’d like to get to know that person romantically or whether there’s no chemistry at all.

That’s why you shouldn’t waste time memorizing conversational topics, practicing dating etiquette, or trying to convince anyone to go out with you.

Instead, take advantage of the most powerful window you’ve got:

That split second before the other person looks away.

Ready to Find Out What Your Vibes are Saying?

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