I’m a truth-teller, unafraid of getting to the heart of why we suffer so greatly in our search for love.

There’s never been a more exciting time to do this work. New research appears every day, shaping our understanding of why we’re attracted to those we’re attracted to. We know more than ever about what makes relationships work, how our brains support or sabotage us, and how our assumptions shape our experiences.

I’ve written in this field since 2005, and my work has appeared in over a dozen online courses. My approach is informed by two decades of international travel and a great breadth of personal experience. You can learn more about my work at

I’ve made every mistake in the book.Like so many dating coaches, I got into this field because I was hopeless.

I knew nothing. I didn’t have a single boyfriend in high school. I wasn’t friends with the popular girls who knew how to twist guys around their little fingers. I spent my free time in the library. Reading books. With glasses.

Here’s what I looked like back then:

Old photo

That’s okay. You can laugh. 😉

But then…

Something happened.

I graduated from college. I decided I was going to work my way around the world. I took risks. I scared the crap out of myself. I started talking to people. I found out that everything I believed to be true was just my culture.

I started falling in love. With places. With poetry. With the people I was meeting.

And, little by little, I started falling in love with who I was.

By 2005, I knew something I hadn’t known before.

You can change.

You’re not limited to who you’ve always been.

You can be the person everyone else looks up to.

You can appreciate who you are and the journey it’s taken to get here.

Are you ready to find out who you’re meant to be?

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