Real love

What Real Love Looks Like

"I'd say he respected me 100% until we got engaged. Then his respect for me dropped about 20%, which I thought was due to the stress of planning the wedding. But by the time we hit our honeymoon, his respect for me hit 10%, if that. And it stayed at rock bottom the entire time…

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Why You Should Make Your Partner Mad

"You can't solve anything by pissing each other off! What good would it do to make him angry? He'll just shut down, and that will be the end of the conversation." Jill was definitely not going to talk to her husband about the way he was dealing with his daughter—Jill's stepdaughter. She had major concerns…

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When You Know Your Marriage is Over

That sick feeling in your gut. That knowing. You're losing him or her day by day. You're trying. You're doing everything you can think of. Bringing her flowers. Cooking his favorite foods. Complimenting her on her dress. Giving him a back rub. And nothing. Your attempts at connection are met with a wall of silence.…

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Save My Marriage Today

The Story Behind Save My Marriage Today

Over a decade ago, I sat down with fellow relationship expert Andrew Rusbatch to write what would become one of my most popular books of all time, Save My Marriage Today. Save My Marriage Today was already an established brand. I was brought on board to create a completely new course that would help struggling couples get…

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